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Web Design and Small Business Information Technology

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Web Site Design

Having a web site on the Internet today is not a competitive advantage, it is a necessity. In addition, your web site is not just a page on the Internet; it is your company's identity. Our customer focused approach to web design provides a custom solution based on your business needs. Our web sites are:

                                -Easy To Find
                                -Easy To Use

As every customer is unique, so are our solutions. Our Client's web design needs range from a basic presence on the internet with one to three pages, to clients who require a complex design including several hundreds of pages.

Our designs include:
                             -User Friendly Designs
                             -Drop Down Menus
                             -E-Mail Forms
                             -Branding and Identity
                             -Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
                             -Media (including pictures, video, sound)
                             -Custom Graphics
                             -GIF, Flash and Other Animation
                              . . . And Much, Much More!

Small Business IT

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All small businesses have Information Technology needs. In some cases, a new PC is needed. In others, there may be a need for a small business network, server or LAN. Again, our customer focused approach to small business Information Technology will provide a solution based on your business needs.

Our solutions will help your business:
                                -Stay Connected
                                -Improve Business Processes
                                -Update Technology
                                -Save Money